Homedialogue Graduation of a training course of Shahid Nuri Assaf regiment in Manbij

 Graduation of a training course of Shahid Nuri Assaf regiment in Manbij

In the framework of organizing the role of the regiments within Manbij military council, and after the formation of its structure in activating its military activities, the training course in regiment of shahid  Nuri Assaf was concluded. The fighters received intellectual and political lessons and military training.

the ceremony of graduation began In the presence of the leaders of the Council of Manbij military and self-defense councils and civil institutions and dignitaries and clan’s shaikhs to stand a minute of silence on the lives of shahed , and then made a spokesman for Manbij military Council “Sharfan Darwish,” a word congratulating the fighters graduating from the session and pointed to the need to meet the requirements of the stage, saying: ” On behalf of the General Command, we congratulate this 45-day course and hope that you will be in good shape with the stage we are going through. The decision to reshape the regroupments and to reorganize the forces In order to keep pace with developments, we must be responsible and challenging. You are starting a new phase and requires more work, effort, discipline and military action

The spokesman of the military council continued his speech and pointed to the necessity of vigilance and caution against conspiracies and the spirit of continuous resistance by saying, “The resistance continues against terrorism, whether in Afrin city or Deir al-Zour, and we seek to secure stability in liberated areas.”

At the end of his speech he blessed the graduation of the course and stressed the importance of moving forward on the path of shahed. “We congratulate our people in Manbaj city, the Syrian North and Syria in full by graduating the course. That we will be as much as the tasks entrusted to us and wait for you to be fit for this stage. “

And then led the fighters to the military section to preserve the gains achieved by the blood of shahed , and ended the ceremony with slogans that salute the struggle of shahed.

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