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Legislative Council in  Raqqa city

It was agreed to nominate the Department of Raqqa in the name of the democratic civil administration in Raqqa and be divided into the Civil Raqqa Council, the Judicial Section and the Legislative Section represented by the Legislative Council, which is currently in the process of being established and which was established about two months ago and includes 111 members. The internal rules were written by agreement and voting among the same members .

Its work is generally based on the adoption of laws and regulations for implementation by the Executive Office on the ground ,in order to implement the law of the social system, the Legislative Council must be present. Accordingly, agendas, such as the adoption of laws for the duty of self-defense, laws regulating transport, discussion and approval of the Executive Council .

The Council consists of seven committees: the Education, Social Affairs, Labor, Health, Services and Public Protection Committee, the Economic, Culture and Construction Committee, each committee comprising a joint presidency and three deputies, and its work, as well as the oversight of the Executive Council.

Ali Al-Ali, member of the Legislative Council told us about the work of the Council and said: In the next few days we will hold a meeting with all the directors of the Executive Council to discuss the executive matters in the province of Raqqa from transportation, water, electricity and health and hospital supplies as part of a planned plan for the reconstruction of Raqqa.

Abdul Rahman Issa member of the General Protection Committee in the Legislative Council said: As a legislative council we are planning and study for the validity of the application on the ground and after making sure to make use of them we approve them as legislation or law.

We visited the Legislative Council in the provinces of Al Jazeera and Kubani to see how to work in the ground and to benefit from their expertise and find solutions and answers to many inquiries.

He pointed out that they will work hard to the maximum to enable them to achieve protection attached to the development and civilization of the people and restore Raqqa to the past and beauty before it touched and tampered with the hand of destruction and destruction.

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