HomedialogueMahmoud Al – Abdullah: continue campaigns until the liberation of the entire Syrian north

Mahmoud Al – Abdullah: continue campaigns until the liberation of the entire Syrian north

Young people in the Syrian north continue to join the Syrian Democratic Forces in order to protect themselves and their symptoms  from Daesh  and to liberate the people from oppression and to end the crisis in Syria because the people no longer bear the existence of terrorism. Young people began joining SDF and ready to sacrifice themselves for the defense about home.

The fighter, Mahmoud Abdallah Talba, joined the Syrian democratic forces because he no longer tolerated the existence of terrorism in  his country decided to join SDF in order to liberate the people of his city from the oppression of Daesh.

Mahmoud Al-Abdullah was born in Raqqa and received a military course at shahed Aziz Arab Academy. He now receives a political and military course in shahed  Abed regiment in Raqqa.

The fighter Mahmoud told us that he participated in the battle of Raqqa in the area of Barazi and Al-Iyadat Al-shamla , and through the battle to liberate the area of Al-Iyadat Al-shamla trapped in one of the buildings for about 8 hours and the number of 10 fighters, and remained steadfast and defended themselves and their strong will and high morale were able to free themselves from the siege and progress Forward.

“We hope that the situation in Syria will stabilize and the crisis will end, and the Syrian north will be cleansed of Daesh” he said.

At the end of his speech, he said: “We will free all oppressed from Daesh and we will continue campaigns and battles against terrorism to liberate all of our regions in the north of Syria.

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