HomedialogueMovement of markets in Raqqa city in the month of Ramadan

Movement of markets in Raqqa city in the month of Ramadan

Raqqa has returned to its natural colors after the disappearance of the black color planted by Daesh  in the hearts of parents, and return the smile to the faces of its inhabitants despite the destruction that surrounds them, but the people are determined to build their city and promote them again, and exercise their normal lives to live and work hard To build their homes and restore their beautiful and safe natural city.

On a tour of the city’s markets where life seems normal and trade is normal, everything is available, and vegetable vendors are optimistic about their work and have not been defeated.

Hassan al-Abbar, 56, spoke to us this simple man who stands all day on his feet to get a living. Despite his age, he appears to be an active and indifferent person. He says, “The markets in Raqqa city are normal. In Ramadan, citizens are optimistic and safe, Ramadan is the month of good and the month of love and tolerance, prices are very acceptable, life is normal and drinking water is available, and the city is flourishing day after day and it is better than it has been known by the efforts of its good people. We thank the self-administration and Raqqa Civil Council and the Syrian Democratic Forces for all these services. We are safe because of our understanding of our children and we are proud of them.

SDF,Media center


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