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Preparing a freezing water factory in Shaddadi town

Shaddadi and its countryside people began to establish small projects that serve the region and its inhabitants. With the assistance of the self-administered institutions, they are now preparing a freezing water factory on the outskirts of the area before the village of 47.

The director of factory, Mohammed Ali, said: “We began to regain our strength and our courage after the arrival of SDF that cleared the region from Daesh.

Al Ali stressed  that  factory is being prepared to be a progressive movement for the suburbs of Shaddadi and to meet the needs of all the inhabitants of the snow, as this region prevails in the desert and hot climate in the summer.

Mohammed Ali explained his contacts with one of the heads of developing companies in Syria, and he bought the equipment and machines and everything necessary to build  factory.

Mohamed Ali gave the idea of opening the factory on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan and will cover the needs of all the suburbs of Shaddadi.

Al-Ali mentioned a small problem with the provision of fresh water, which is the basis of work, but water and fuel will be provided by the People’s Municipality in Al-Shadadi.

Mohamed Ali thanked the self-management institutions for their contribution and support for small projects to serve the region.

SDF,Media center


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