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Reconstruction Committee: A few days and we finish the Silos bridge rehabilitation

The completion of the first phase of cleaning the rubble of the silo bridge, which was destroyed up by Daesh and bomber before leaving the city, which is the main entrance to the city and the density of travel is enormous.

Today, the second stage has been started, which is to fill the bridge with The stones and debris to re-enter the service and solve a major crisis for the people of Raqqa who have difficulty moving because of this ruined bridge and the other bridges that surround the city.

The Rehabilitation Committee of Raqqa Civil Council is rehabilitating the silo bridge at the northern entrance to the city, which was destroyed by the Daesh.

Ibrahim al-Hassan, head of the reconstruction committee at Raqqa Civil Council, said: “We are in the reconstruction committee at the request of the Civil Council. We have rehabilitated the silo bridge and filled it with quantities of rubble in the city so that we can use it to bridge the bridge and open the main northern road of the city. Silos for a Tal Abyad street.

We have completed a large part of this work and work is still under way in the bridge to reopen this road and rehabilitation to reduce pressure on the roads and exits and other outlets of the city and to facilitate the process of traffic on this road.

SDF,Media Center


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