Homedialogue1700 teachers enrolled in intellectual educational courses in Tabqa

1700 teachers enrolled in intellectual educational courses in Tabqa

The Education Committee in Tabqa and its villages organized intellectual, systematic and educational courses for teachers in order to improve the quality of education and develop the performance of the knowledge.

The Education Committee has recently organized a psychological counseling course for more than 80 teachers. Today, they are training teachers and enhancing their educational abilities.

Mohammed Al-Faris, member of the Committee on Education in Tabqa talked to us about these courses and said: The duration of this session is 42 days and divided into two sections, initially receive trainees training sessions to promote educational thought awareness of them in the first ten days of the session and then in the rest of the days of the training course is focused on Teaching methods, teaching methods, teaching methods and methods of communicating and clarifying the information to the students. At the end of this course, trainees will be given a test in which the trainees will be evaluated from this course.

Al-Faris mentioned that these courses, which started in Tabqa and rural areas, are aimed at the educational process and the teaching methods because there are teachers who completed their studies and teachers who were unable to complete their education in their universities. These courses were attended by 1,700 teachers, 690 of whom were in Tabqa. They were divided into three centers: Al-Jahez, Fayez Mansour, In the rural centers of Jraniya and Mansoura.

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