Homemanshet3 villages and 7 farms are liberated in Dashisha vicinity

3 villages and 7 farms are liberated in Dashisha vicinity

Our forces liberated 3 villages and 7 farms in the first three days of their campaign to liberate the strategic town of Dushisha from ISIS terrorists.

In the campaign that our forces are engaged in from spontainious two axes in the east and west, our forces advanced 7 km in Al-Shadadi axis. They managed to liberate the villages of Al-Marjan, Kalib Tahtani, Khuwayra and 7 farms attached to these villages.

The heavy clashes which broke out between our fighters and ISIS terrorists in Kulaib village using various types of weapon, led to the death of many ISIS mercenaries and destroying motobikes were used by ISIS in their movements.

Our forces also discovered a wide network of mines in Morjane village, where the engineering teams dismantled them, more over ,our forces discovered a network of tunnels which were cleared of terrorists who fled out of the village.

During these enagements with the enemy, 46 terrorists were killed including 4 Emirs, while 2 of ourfighters  were injured. The 2 of our injured fighters were moved to the military medical point in the battlefield to receive treatment, and their condition is stable now.

On the axis of Holl area, our forces have achieved a distance of 7.5 kilometers, where the terrorists show little resistance. There have been no direct clashes, but there is mortar shelling, in which mercenaries attempt to stop the advance of our forces.

Ongoing battles in these first three days, the International Coalition took part in air and ground operations, carrying out 21 air strikes against terrorist movements, and their fortifications with heavy artillery 47 times and 3 Land surface missile.

Air raids, artillery shelling and direct battles destroyed two 4x4s vehicles and one motorcycle. Also, two ground fortifications were also destroyed, and 46 terrorists were killed, including 4 Emirs

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