HomedialogueA glimpse of the life of a fighter

A glimpse of the life of a fighter

Muhammed Ali was born in Hasaka, one of the best and most successful Carpenters in the city. The bed rooms and the wooden doors that came out from under his hands are like decorative paintings. He joined the revolution of pride and dignity for more than 4 years.

Muhammed said:”The free men can not see children and women being brutally killed by terrorists and stand idly by, So I joined the freedom revolution that came to support humanity.

Over the past years, I have participated in many campaigns, including Al-Shadadi, Al-Hawl, Raqqa and Manbaj. We passed through many difficult times. The most difficult for me was in Manbaj when my friend was wounded by a mine planted by the terrorists, they entered to him when  he was wounded and unarmed and kill him in a horrible  way . As the sheep are slaughtered.

We are now at the gates of victory, so I hope that peace and security will prevail in all regions and that our children will live a life full of joy and pleasure.

SDF,Media center


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