HomedialogueThe Foundation of families of SDF fighters In Tabqa city

The Foundation of families of SDF fighters In Tabqa city

Because our fighters liberated this land from Daesh,and because they offered precious in order to live a free and dignified life, so the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces established an office for the families of the Syrian Democratic Forces fighters to see their situation and solve their problems.

Mahmoud Al-Mohammad, the joint president of SDF fighters Families Foundation, told us about the mechanism of the new institution, saying:

” We are in institution here the link between the families and the leadership of SDF at Tabqa region and its countryside (Mansoura – Guernia – Akirishi – Mahmudli), and we are working to create a state of communication with the people of the associate fighters, and emphasis on the sacrifices made by the fighters to liberate the region from Daesh and similar it .

We also visit the families of the fighters and inform them of the importance of their struggle, and clarify the basic objectives of Syrian democratic forces in the region, although the possibilities are available we can find solutions to the problems of the fighters.

Our tours are not limited to visits, but to see problems and conditions of the people of the fighters and directing them to the leadership to find solutions to them”.

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