HomedialogueThe Women’s Committee in Raqqa despite the difficult circumstances and the meager possibilities, continues its work

The Women’s Committee in Raqqa despite the difficult circumstances and the meager possibilities, continues its work

The Women’s Committee of Raqqa Civil Council is fully engaged in helping women to play a major role in building society, contributing to all areas of society without exception, and providing assistance and facilitating its affairs in order to do so.

Fayrouz Khalil, head of the Women’s Committee of the Civil Council, told us: “In Ramadan, our work has not stopped and we are working very well “We are working with organizations to complete our work because there are not enough possibilities.

This month, we worked on the idea of raising funds from the committees of the Civil Council to help humanitarian cases. All the committees in the Council were responded to as humanitarian and our work in the Civil Council was humane before serving.

“Fairuz said “We are currently working on a sewing workshop and a clothes shop that will be produced by the operator so that we can help all widowed and divorced women so that they will not be dependent on the support of the organizations only. The project will end immediately after Eid al-Fitr. We will provide children’s clothing for the school, which will produce this project.

We will also organize seminars for women in Raqqa city  so women know their role, rights and duties in society. We are also working on preparing a center on behalf of the Women’s Council in Raqqa, and it will be ready for the center to start work soon. For women in Raqqa and we will be at the good of every woman in Syria.

I would like to point out that the percentage of widows and divorcees in Raqqa is close to 80%. We, as the Women’s Committee in the Civil Council as mentioned above, are very limited in material terms. Human cases are critical and here we are in an embarrassing position in front of the parents, where they tell us that we receive aid from the organizations and do not give them anything, but the truth is that organizations are promoting themselves as providing enormous assistance but the truth is very little help, Criticizing the organizations and their supporters for such a thing, this leads to strife between the parents and the committee.

In conclusion,al-Khalil  noted, saying:”We appeal to organizations to stand firm in their obligations to civilians in need, to give us greater support in order to do our best, and to help as many women as possible in need of assistance.

SDF,Media Center


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