HomedialogueCommittee for Organizing Councils in Raqqa Civil Council

Committee for Organizing Councils in Raqqa Civil Council

The Committee for Organizing the Councils is working to establish centers within the neighborhoods of Raqqa city and its countryside. The purpose of establishing the councils is to serve the citizens and organize them within the councils for the distribution of relief and for the registration of personal status. These councils all linked to the Committee for the organization of councils in Committee for Organizing Councils in Raqqa Civil Council , and the purpose of serving the people in the city of Raqqa and its countryside.

Louay Al-Issa, head of the Office of Organizing the Councils ,Deputy of the administrative body for the presidency of local administration and municipalities confirmed :

that since the beginning of the formation of the Office of the organization of councils ,we work  to form the comins which are in a way to serve the people, and after the formation of comens, we establish the People’s House in the countryside and the city, we have established a large number of comins and people’s houses

The number of peoples’ houses established 33 ,therefore divided into lines for easy organization,. Currently, comins in city divided into sectors ,each sector followed by a council, eight councils were formed in the city.

Al-Issa continued: “In the future, we will form areas of the countryside and all five of the people’s houses will follow the region and we will form four areas for each region, as Al-Karama, Al-Kharzah, and the Eastern Line-Al-Kasrat. In this way, every house of people is elected through elections, where all the people’s house or committees represent themselves in this area located in the region.

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