HomemanshetPolitical statement of the “MSD”

Political statement of the “MSD”

On Sunday, 29-7-2018, the Democratic Council of Syria held an expanded meeting of all political forces and parties in the Council, at its headquarters in Darbasiya.

All aspects related to meeting the delegation of the Syrian Democratic Council were discussed with the delegation of the Syrian government in Damascus. The head of the delegation, Ilham Ahmed, presented the contents of the meeting and the topics discussed with the delegation of the Syrian government and its outputs.

The political forces and parties in the Syrian Democratic Council stressed during their meeting the importance of this meeting as a means of political solution and the necessity of its continuity on solid principles pertaining to all aspects of the political process and that what will be accomplished on the service and technical side is a focal point for building trust and good faith between the parties. Opens the prospects for a comprehensive political settlement for all of Syria.

Therefore, we call upon all Syrian democratic political forces to join this Syrian-Syrian political path, to strengthen and develop it, to be more powerful and effective in ending the violence and war, saving the country and the Syrian people from the current crisis, Democratic decentralization. And to chart a comprehensive road map in which the country would move to a democratic decentralized Syria.

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