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Raqqa civil council opens a women’s council in Al-Kasrat

The Women’s Committee of Raqqa Civil Council opened on Saturday a women’s council in of Al-Kasrat region, in the presence of members of the boards and committees of  Raqqa  Civil Council.

The opening ceremony began with a minute of silence for the souls of the shahid .

Fayrouz Khalil, Co-Chair of the Women’s Committee of Raqqa Civil Council, delivered a speech saying : “We congratulate you and ourselves on the opening of a women’s council in the of Al-Kasrat region, which will constitute a qualitative leap in order to prove women in all fields.

Fayrouz  continued her speech by saying:that the liberation of Raqqa carried out by women’s efforts, and that women would manage their affairs and the affairs of the city themselves. Everyone understood the symbolism of Raqqa, the capital of Daesh, where violence perpetrated against women in all its forms and their rights were robbed and raped. , And Raqqa a was the center of the slave trade, where hundreds of Yazidis sold there

Fairuz concluded her speech saying: “On this basis, we pledge our shahid , who watered soil  of Raqqa city, with their pure blood to preserve them, and continue their struggle to defend their people,”. We will demonstrate to the whole world that women have the strong will to defend themselves, overcome all difficulties and manage their own affairs.

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