HomemanshetStatement of Deir al-Zour military council to public opinion

Statement of Deir al-Zour military council to public opinion

“Recently in Deir al-Zour there have been many movements of dormant cells of Daesh , the Al-Furat Brigades(Der al-Furat), Al-Qaeda and the Syrian regime at the same time targeted civilians and military, and we have a number of martyrs in this period, and their operations by car bombs or by planting explosive devices On the roads and does not distinguish between civilian and military.

And to meet the demands of parents and tribal elders and dignitaries to comb the villages and the arrest of sleeper cells that were targeting civilians before the military.

We began combing the villages of Deir al-Zour to arrest these cells and bring them to justice to receive their fair punishment.

The combing operations began from the border of Markada town on one side and the borders of the Kasra on the one hand and the Bosira on the other hand combing all the villages on this line.

And this was done after the full information was collected through the competent authorities and the goals and wanted persons were identified, During the combing operations, a number of terrorists were arrested, carrying weapons with silencers and improvised explosive devices, as well as car bombs, as well as wireless radios.

The campaign has received no objection but from some people on an external sides and The terrorists,they  have raised their voices to demand the release of terrorists who will be brought to fair trials after they have terrorized civilians, killed and deserted many. This is the goal of Syria’s democratic forces.”


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