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Statement to public opinion

On July 19, the seventh anniversary of the revolution of Roj-Ava and the Syrian north, which started its first spark of Kobany, the fortress of resistance.

At the outset, on behalf of the General Command of the People’s Protection Units, we congratulate our people and their various components on this dear and cherished occasion on all our hearts and honor the lives of our shahed who have offered their blood cheaply to protect this nation from all attacks.

Thanks to their great sacrifices, all the achievements have been achieved: first, defeating terrorism and building our democratic civil institutions, which have effectively contributed to the management of the liberated areas, after our forces have restored security and stability to them, and then to rebuild the terrorism, All levels and areas.

Undoubtedly, the revolution of Roj Ava left its mark on the course of the revolution in Syria, put it on its right track, deviated in other fields and areas, plunged into the yoke of terrorism and extremism and relied on the outside and not on the inside, while the revolution of Roj Ava started amid the suffering of our Kurdish people and their excessive longing for freedom In building a nation of justice, equality and democracy, where it was its first and last engine.

The experience of democratic self-administrations is a shining example of the correct strategy set by the revolution to be an honest expression of the hopes and aspirations of our people to live in a secure homeland that preserves their dignity and rights. This is followed by transferring their “successful” experience to all areas liberated from terrorism, To be followed in Syria, torn by civil war.

It is the result of the concerted efforts and struggle of all components that contributed to the consolidation of the principles and concepts of the brotherhood of the people, to participate in the decision-making process, regardless of size, location, color, race and belonging, which was actually through the processes of liberation and construction, where the rights reserved, Of cultural interaction and dialogue, to enrich and add bright pages to the history of its ancient history, which is based on the main element: unity in diversity.

Since its first day, the revolution has adopted a clear and transparent program that takes into account the reasons and demands of the Syrian reality in all its complexities, dilemmas and concerns. The slogan “Towards a decentralized democratic Syria” is the true representation of Syrian desires and objectives. The regime of tyranny based on the Syrians’ promulgation and based on the policy of one party, one culture, one science and one nationality,

Has closed all doors to the democratization of the country and victory freedoms, the revolution of the nineteenth of July to cut with this past full of tragedies and woes, and open the way for political participation, economic, social and administrative wide, and no marginalization or marginalization, no matter how small or weak.

Once again, we congratulate this anniversary on our people, and pledge to be the eye that does not sleep and watch for its security and protection.

General Command of People Protection Units

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