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To public opinion

Our units continue their specific operations against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in the Afrin area, in the framework of military operations in the second phase of resistance to the times(Moqaoamt Al-aser)In addition, a number of mercenaries of the Sham corps landed in an ambush along the road leading to Amara village, in Mu’abatli area.

Five mercenaries were killed in the ambush in addition to the damage to the mechanism they were carrying.Our fighters also carried out a sniper attack on one of the mercenaries of the Sham Corps on the road between Diwa and Tal Sallur villages in  Jandrisa area ,where the mercenary killed immediately, And the process documented by video.The number of the dead of mercenaries and Turkish soldiers rise to 2,491 since the start of the Turkish invasion against  Afrin.

Media Center for People Protection Units in Afrin YPG


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