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‘Emaar al Mansoura” organization launches a clean campaign

”Emaar al-Mansoura” organization launched a cleaning project in ”Mansoura city” and the surrounding villages of rubble, the rubble of recently destroyed houses and the soil barriers that a Daesh to close the streets.

On this project, the director of ”Emaar Mansoura” organization, ”Abdul Mohsin Al-Faraj”, said: ” The first project we started to rehabilitate the gardens in Mansoura City under the name” Al-Amal Square ” as a park of freedom, then we formed a roamer psychosocial support team for schools and 46 schools were covered.

Al-Faraj confirmed: “We started work on the cleaning project in Mansoura city and its countryside. We transported 23,000 cubic meters of waste and facilitated about 500 cubic meters of earth barriers. which Deash blocked the streets of ”Mansoura” and the surrounding villages. We also removed the rubble of 12 houses until the moment.

At the end of the speech Al-Faraj said: “We have projects under study is the re-maintenance of water pumps in Mansoura city and ITS countryside, and the stations that we will be maintenance are pumping stations AL Abbad and Abu Quba station and al-Hura and al-Hammam station and we have done a study and found a donor to this project, and we have several projects under study such as electricity and technical and training institutes.

SDF, Media Center


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