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Establishment of a Health Council in Hasakah

In view of the presence of medical associations in Hasakah city in different areas, which made it difficult to coordinate and cooperate between these unions and solve the problems they faced, a health council established to include these unions to increase cooperation between them and solve the outstanding problems more quickly, which will lead to a high frequency of work and thus the development of the medical system.

Pharmacist ”Yaqoub Khalil”, a member of the Pharmacists’ Union, told us: There are five medical associations in Hasakeh city: the Union of Doctors, the Pharmacists Union, the Union of Dentists, the Union of Veterinarians, and the Union of Health Technicians. , And there was no coordination and cooperation between these union s because of the presence of each in one hand, on the contrary, there were a lot of outstanding problems, such as the problem of salaries of technicians from nurses and laboratory workers and anesthesiologists and radiology, as well as the issue of the proliferation of pharmacies random and high examinations of doctors in their private clinics and other issues.

”Khalil ”completed the solution of all problems. The Health Council, which includes all the unions, has been established, as each union meets weekly in particular

The Council, which includes the presidents of the unions, meets regularly every 15 days to discuss problems, develop appropriate solutions and develop developmental steps to improve the medical reality in the city and its environs.

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