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Start a project to rehabilitate the sewage networks in Tabqa

Tabqa – The Local Administration and Municipalities Committee of the Democratic Civil Administration of Tabqa started on Tuesday the project of maintenance of sewerage networks after the completion of the maintenance of drinking water networks, paving roads and painting of sidewalks.

The project started from the southern side of the city from Fayez Mansour Street, the first and second neighborhoods, the Marasem and, al- Qarya, according to a maximum period of three months starting from the beginning of August.

Engineer Ahmed Noh, the project’s official, pointed out that It was previously 1500 meters had already been rehabilitated by the Bloomond Organization. The project was then transferred to the People’s Municipality in Tabqa to the Studies department. And began work today after the necessary support for the project.

It is worth noting that this project started with the cooperation between the People’s Municipality in Tabqa  and the Furat organization.

SDF, Media Center


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