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Starting of the broader clean-up campaign in countryside of Tabqa

Tabqa -After holding the Organizations Office and representatives of  Tabqa civil council, holding a several meetings with  Comins councils and the people of the countryside north-east and north of Tabqa about  the services provided in the countryside and ways to develop, and the reality of cleanliness, It was agreed to start a campaign wide including 25 population gatherings in  Tabqa countryside.

Where the organization “Together for Al-Jarniya” started the project on 21/7/2018 and will be lasted for three months.

The aim of the project is to reduce the spread of diseases resulting from the spread of garbage, improve the countryside situation in terms of cleanliness, and to fill and remove the earthen berms and ditches left by the war.

The project provides 80 jobs for the countryside population. The countryside is divided into several sectors including Ja’bar, Mahmudli, Sweida, Wadi Al-Yamama and Al-Yamamah. Each sector is provided with a number of mechanisms and workers, in addition to the large mechanism that started with the removal of earthen berms, and fill the digs, settle ditches.

The director of the organization “Together for Al-Garniya ” Omar Khmeri said that the project includes the castle of Ja’abar and several villages in the countryside of the Tabqa , and also includes the distribution of garbage containers in the villages and its schools and around the castle Ja’bar.

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