HomedialogueThe “Old Bridge” links memories of the past to the present

The “Old Bridge” links memories of the past to the present

Raqqa – “Al-Rasheed City” geographically is a small, city, historically alarge carrying in her memory an integrated cultural heritage. From its northward extension to Hergla’s castle to its Euphrates, which forms an important vital artery, it divided into two parts. The first is the southern region of the river, called “Shamiya” and the area that forms the center of the city, called “Al Jazeera”, which called for the necessity of a must to connect the two regions.

After wooden and iron boats were the only way, the construction of the Rasheed Bridge, the Old Bridge, was completed in 1942 to solve a major problem facing the residents of Raqqa city and its visitors. A second new bridge was subsequently built for the city center.

From that date, pedestrians heading to and from the city did not stop on this bridge until 24-3-2014, during which they destroyed during the military operations against Daesh in an attempt to suffocate and besiege it in Raqqa.

Four years ago, the people of Raqqa – after seventy-two years – were forced to cross boats and ferries and set them on two completely destroyed bridges. Their memories recaptured their passage over the “Rasheed Bridge,” which was not only concrete blocks or large iron pieces, but these molds represent the firmness of their love for the city and that iron is clinging to their land, which forced them to leave them

From this reality imposed on Raqqa civil Council and in view of the great importance of the “Rasheed Bridge” and the need for it, began work on the ground, to restore the life of this bridge and rebuild it to help the people of Raqqa to overcome the obstacle of many faces them, and to carry with them their hopes of return to walk over it again

And collected what the years of the war have scattered from their memories.

Today, workshops engineers and their workers continue to rehabilitate the Old Bridge and reach the halfway point after the bases are fully constructed with their crowns to carry the iron bridge in a three-month project whose workers aspire to be ahead of time.

SDF, Media Center


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