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The reconstruction committee continues to remove the rubble of Raqqa

Raqqa -The Reconstruction Committee of Raqqa Civil Council continues to remove the remaining rubble in the city’s sub-districts with its modest potential.

After the completion of the phase of removing the rubble that hinder the process of walking in Raqqa and opening the main roads. The Reconstruction Committee began removing rubble from sub-districts. Mahmoud al-Ali, supervisor of the vehicles and the rubble removal process, pointed out they started to open the roads in the north of the postal area and the areas east of the general road.

He added that they have two location where the vehicles are moving the rubble to it, and another location at the State Security roundabout, where the teams and mechanisms follow the process of removing the rubble.

Al-Ali stressed that the work is proceeding according to a plan of action that was drawn up in advance, where the areas cleaned in a sectoral as planned.

The rubble removal team of reconstruction Committee   faces difficulties in work, which is the location of the rubble removal site, which causes slow work, as well as the mines that are still buried under the rubble and which pose a threat to the life of the team.

SDF, Media Center


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