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Tabqa – Al-Jarniya town is located on the left bank of the Euphrates river, 100 km away from Raqqa city and Tabqa city   65 km west.

It is located 10 km away from the administrative border of Aleppo governorate. Al-jarniya was named by that name because it is located on the edge of a mountain that takes the shape of the “horn” and is called the. al-Jarniya mountain, and from it the town took its name

It overlooks al-Jarniya  mountain from the north and the village and valley  of Samra from the east to the east and Beitit village to the south and to the west to the village of Habiter.

This town liberated from Daesh on 20/12/2016. A large number of the people of this town joined SDF and participated in the liberation of the cities of Tabqa, Raqqa and Deir Ezzor countryside. The people of the town also joined themselves and formed a comins and a people’s house to manage themselves. In the town, the municipality served the town and restored the water and electricity to the town and its villages., where the municipality and the Council of al-Jarniya of 65 villages.

Schools opened in the village and children returned to their schools. Many organizations also provided support and assistance to the people.

“Juma al-Masto” a resident from al-Jarniya town spoke about the reality of the town and said: The town has witnessed a remarkable development in various aspects of service life, social and administrative, where a kindergarten opened to teach children in addition to schools and a House for women the village’s inhabitants also work in agriculture and commerce. The village has a weekly popular market, which activates the commercial movement in the town

Most of the village’s inhabitants are clans of, Boujabir, Mtaylat, Al-Jariyat and Al-Amirat

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