HomedialogueVillage from my country “Kasrah  Sheikh Jumaa””

Village from my country “Kasrah  Sheikh Jumaa””

Raqqa – Kesrah Sheikh Al-Juma village is 7 km away from Raqqa city and lies south of the city. The village liberated from Daesh within the first phase of the Euphrates rage campaign on 1/6/ 2017

And called “Kesrah Sheikh Juma” for refraction of water and the proportion of reputed of the village (Faisal Sheikh Juma ).

Ibrahim Al-Ayoub, head of people’ Municipality Council, said: “The village has a population of 6,000 and became a commercial center during the Euphrates anger campaign, where it received about 15,000 displaced people, mostly from Raqqa city. The villagers work in agriculture and commerce, with irrigated agricultural land of 3,000 dunms on the banks of the Euphrates.

Al-Ayoub pointed out that the new bridge was of great importance to the village where they relied on in the disposal of their goods and agricultural crops and when destroyed, the village was negatively affected by it.

In terms of education in the village, two schools were activated by the efforts of Raqqa Civil Council and the rehabilitation and activation of power lines and water networks. Many of the youth of the village joined SDF to defend their land and liberate the rest of the territory with terrorism.

 SDF ,Media Center


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