HomedialogueVillages of my country … “Safsafa villages”

Villages of my country … “Safsafa villages”

Al-Safsafa is a group of villages located 15 km east of Tabqa city, and extends for a length of 7 km. It is divided into three villages, “Safsafa, Safsafa al-Fawqani and Safsafa al-Tahtani” on the banks of the Euphrates River. The reason for its designation as “Safsafa” is due to the type of trees that grow in the eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea, called “willow” and are cultivated there.

It is bordered to the east by the village of Heneida, to the south by the Tabqa airport and autostrade Aleppo -Raqqa  International, and adjacent to the Euphrates River to the north.

The population of the villages of Al-Safsafa exceeds 18,000, divided into the Ould Ajil and Abu Jabir tribes, the two largest tribal components within these villages and other smaller branches, along with the displaced who live there. They became part of the population structure of these villages during the Syrian war years. The village of Safsafa is characterized by a large number of olive trees, where more than (10) thousands of trees.

These villages freed from the grip of Daesh, on 5 April last year2017, after the liberation of the Tabqa  airport. By liberating these villages, SDF had completed the imposition of the ring around the Tabqa  city as part of its liberation campaign.

Mohammed Nour, one of the elders of the Safsafa farm, tells us that the people of Safsafa villages suffered during the period of the control of Daesh saying: Daesh  besieged the villages of Safsafa, where the people were able to kill a number of terrorists, especially foreign elements. , and the handing over of a number of them to the Syrian regime forces that stationed at Tabqa  airport.

SDF. Media Center

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