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Women’s House begins afforestation campaign

Raqqa – The People’s municipality in Raqqa opened an office for women to defend women’s rights and solve the issues and problems related to them.

The head of the women’s office Awatif al-Issa confirmed that several committees and bodies have been opened in all municipalities and offices for women because our society is a closed society and women are considered a piece of furniture in the house and to prove to the whole world that women are not only at home but have rights and duties You have to get it.

Al-Issa added that the first activity of the Women’s Office is an afforestation on the road to Baghdad Gate in coordination with the Environment Office. 300 trees will be planted and the aim is to restore life to the city. And we want to have this step in the fingerprint in the reconstruction of the city and restore life to it and help, even a small part and to offer to our people in Raqqa city

Al-Issa noted that there are many activities for the Women’s Office in the coming days which will be implemented in the coming days.

Anwar al-Zayed, a citizen from Raqqa city, thanked people’ Municipality and the Women’s Office for their work in the reconstruction of Raqqa. He pointed out that Raqqa city is like a day before the day. Raqqa will be green as the Euphrates.

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