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“2563” Were Employed by An Employment Office

Tabqa- The Office of Social Affairs receives daily applications for employment, especially those who have university degrees, where there have been many recent applications for registration and employment, prompting the employment office to issue new registration applications for the reception of young people.

The joint presidency of the Office of Affairs and Labor in Tabqa “Ghalia al-Yousef” talked about the mechanism of their work and confirmed through her talk that employment office is receiving applications for registration issued by the official departments, the number of registered ten thousand, the recruitment of “2563” of youth advanced to work.

Al-Yousef noted that registration is done according to the sequence of work. Priority is given to those who have university degrees, and then those who have secondary education, as well as to various craftsmen and professionals. There is also an opportunity for people with special needs.

In order to maintain the coordination between the official departments and not to take the work opportunity from a person through patronage, Al Yousef urged all responsible committees not to employ anyone without recourse to the employment office, the only official authority authorized to register youth and receive applications for employment.

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