Homenews” Kobash” center for cotton opens its doors for farmers

” Kobash” center for cotton opens its doors for farmers

“Kobash” center began to receive cotton from the farmers after it was established in the northern countryside of Raqqa city to be in the middle of the most densely populated areas of cotton cultivation.

The center supervisor of ” Kobash ” for cottons “Fathi Hassan” confirmed that the receipt of cotton crop “began” since 25 Sep, and received more than / thousand tons / to date, and that the process of receipt of the crop is proceeding according to the plan set for it.

On the mechanism of receipt of the crop, Fathi Hassan confirmed that the farmers are collecting receipts from their Agricultural extension units of the Agricultural and Irrigation Committee in Raqqa Civil Council for the amount of cultivated area and the quantity of cotton to be supplied to the center. After the process of weighing the crop inside the center, the “card” is issued confirming the receipt of the crop from the farmer.  Cotton prices have been consolidated in the Syrian north at 290,000 l. S per tone.

While cotton harvesting continues in its current season throughout Raqqa countryside despite poor productivity this year as a result of the cotton crop being exposed to a wave of insects that have affected crops in general and “cotton in particular”.

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