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SHAR Organization meeting with the economy body

Hasakah– SHAR organization held a meeting with the Agriculture Committee of the Economic body of Hasakah province to provide agricultural projects for infrastructure at a cost of 10 million SP for the 2019 season.

The meeting held in Economic body in the presence of the Office of Organization Affairs to discuss the projects planned for next year, the projects submitted by the Organization and the approval of some of them, in addition to the proposal of the Agricultural Committee, several other projects such as the rehabilitation of pastoral plants, fruit trees, local fertilizer production, Rehabilitation of wells and fattening of calves, and project hand sprayers and other spray tools.

The proposed projects also discussed and recorded in the records of the Organization’s delegates for consideration between them and the consultation of their superiors.

It was agreed that a meeting would be held in the coming days to indicate the projects to be implemented and their commitment to invite other organizations to carry out the remaining projects.

SDF, Media Center


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