HomemanshetStatement Of YPG About The Result Of Military Operations In Afrin

Statement Of YPG About The Result Of Military Operations In Afrin

The media   Center of YPG today issued a written statement, in which it revealed the result  of the military operations carried out by the units yesterday against the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in Afrin.

This is the text of the statement:

“Within the framework of the second phase of the resistance of the era in Afrin region, our units have directed qualitative strikes against the mercenaries of the Turkish state in the vicinity of Afrin city and the villages of the Shirawa district through a series of military operations.

The result of operations are as follows:

On 3 September, our units carried out an operation on one of the mercenaries of the al-Shamiya  Front on the radio hill in Khalata village in the vicinity of Afrin city . They clashed face to face with the mercenaries for a long time. Six mercenaries were killed and their headquarters were completely destroyed. We did not receive accurate information on the number of their wounds.

Also on the same night, our fighters ambushed a military vehicle carrying a number of mercenaries on the Ternada road in the vicinity of Afrin. It also provided support to the al- Shamiya  Front mercenaries, where their vehicle was detonated with an improvised explosive device, during which five mercenaries, including a military commander, were killed.

At the same time,  our fighters ambushed another military vehicle on the road between the Kobla and Psila, villages in Shirawa district, which was preparing to intervene in support of the mercenaries. The vehicle was destroyed and 4 mercenaries were killed by an improvised explosive device by our fighters.

As a result of these operations was confirmed the killing of 15 mercenaries, including the military commander in the band 23, the mercenary Ahmed Samir Brier, in addition to the wounding of dozens of them, and after the implementation of the operations ,Turkish reconnaissance aircraft flew extensively in the city, in addition to the bombing of places randomly by the Turkish occupation ..

Our fighters who carried out the operations arrived at their bases safely.

YPG, Media Center

4 September 2018

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