HomemanshetThe outcome of combat operations in the “battle of defeat ter”

The outcome of combat operations in the “battle of defeat ter”

1-AL-Baguoz / Shijla village

– The engagements continued on this axis yesterday evening, and the terrorists tried to organize their ranks and carry out counter-attacks on the axes of the concentration of our forces.

 Our forces confronted and retaliated in their wake. The field leadership confirmed the killing of 5 terrorists and the seizure of a number of individual machine guns.

This morning, our forces launched a combing campaign along Shijla village on the right, and clashed with terrorists in more than one point. Many points of concentration of terrorists were released and many of them were confirmed dead.

The aircraft participated effectively in the engagements yesterday and this day, where many of the fortifications were destroyed, and the artillery was also involved in targeting terrorist’s concentrations.

2Sousse axis / Shijla:

In this axis erupted the most violent engagements yesterday evening, and tried terrorists to launch a counter-attack to prevent the advance of our forces, our troops confronted them and suffered defeat and loss of life, we could not confirm the number.

– This morning, our forces continued to advance along the village of Al-Shijla on the left and carried out a combing operation at a distance of 1 km, where 10 points were liberated from terrorists, while the military engineering teams dealt with dozens of mines where they were dismantled.

Coalition aircraft actively participated in this axis, launching 5 raids targeting terrorist’s movements and destroying their headquarters, as well as an ammunition depot.

3the outcome of engagements and battles on all axes:

Air raids: 20 raid

Points edited: 28

Dead terrorists: 40 dead, added to the killing of others in various engagements did not confirm the number.

Dismantling and detonating dozens of mines

Two terrorists were killed

Destruction of a military headquarters, ammunition depot and military machinery.


SDF.Media Center

24 September 2018

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