HomemanshetThe outcome of combat operations in “the battle of defeat terrorism “

The outcome of combat operations in “the battle of defeat terrorism “

Al-Bagouz axis:

– After SDF completed the liberation of the town, searched for potential hideouts inside the town and the surrounding orchards. Military engineering teams also searched for mines laid by terrorists, where dozens of mines were dismantled.

– This axis witnessed the movements of terrorists, where they tried to move towards the town, under the cover of shelling with heavy and medium weapons, and the participation of snipers in targeting the positions of our fighters, and responded to our forces and clashed with them in more than one point contact and returned in the wake,

– The terrorists used a robot plain, over AL- Baguoz, and were shot down by our forces.

– This morning, the coalition aircraft targeted a terrorists’ tunnel bombardment of the air force, killing 3 terrorists, and then calm until the time of preparation of this report.

Sousse axis:

– This axis was relatively quiet yesterday evening, and there were no movements of terrorists.

– This morning and until the moment of preparation of this report is still calm on this axis.

3-. Outcome of air attacks and terrorists’ killings in all axes:

Air attacks

– Dead terrorists 26

– Destroying a tunnel for terrorists and destroying a fortification point close to AL- Baguoz.

SDF.Media Center

22 September 2018

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