Homedialogue/ 2200 / A notebook for the duty of self-defense in Tabqa

/ 2200 / A notebook for the duty of self-defense in Tabqa

Tabqa – The Center for Defense and Self-Protection in Tabqa continues to receive young people who are within the legal age of self-defense duty, where the center receives daily youth who are coming from Tabqa city and its countryside in order to have books of self-defense with the approach of the second course of “The center of defense and self-protection.

The increase came after the courses and academies that opened in Tabqa city and its countryside. Hassan Nasr ” Joint Chairman of the Committee on Defense and Self-Defense in in Tabqa city and its countryside “The Defense Committee receives daily from 15 to 20 young people who join self-defense duty and to have the books of recruitment from Tabqa and its countryside, and the number was in 2017 a few where the first opened The self-defense course was composed of 74 fighters, and the number of young people who had books for self-defense in 2017, / 505 / notebooks, and from 1/1/2018 until 15/9/2018, the number / 2200 / notebook and  the number now in a continuous increasing. We are opening the fourth course of self-defense duty at Martyr Bashar Jariba Academy.

Mohamed El Hassan, one of the reviewers of the Center for Self-Defense, confirmed that he is currently working to submit his papers so that he can postpone the service as a teacher and provide a classroom teaching duty.


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