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Tabqa is accelerating in urbanization

Tabqa – people’s municipality in Tabqa city to grant facilities to the people of the city, which is witnessing a recent increase in the pace and acceleration of urban movement.

Where residents of the city began rebuilding and repairing damaged homes, at a faster pace as winter season approaches.

In this regard, the joint head of people’s municipality “Abdul Wahab Ibrahim” said that as a result of the rapid development of the urban movement within the neighborhoods of the city, people apply to license the construction of their destroyed homes and the restoration of the affected ones, and indicated that they provide all necessary facilities in this regard within the available possibilities to them, where they offer between 8-10 daily building permits.

Building permits of 40 m²

He added: “Because of the humanitarian situation of the residents, we have given building permits of 40 m² as a temporary condition because of winter season approaches, noting that they are issuing a real estate document for the people to verify ownership of the building.

For his part, “Majid al-Hassan,” construction worker said a that the acceleration of construction process within the city due to cheap prices of construction materials of cement, stones, sand and iron compared with the last year.

Since its liberation a year and a half ago, Tabqa city has witnessed a rapid development in all aspects of life, with a return of security and stability, and the return of life to what it was before the control of a terrorist Daesh.

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