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A consultative meeting of  members of  Al-Hasakah Province Council

Hasakah – A meeting of the 62 members of Hasakah Province Council was held on Tuesday in the Western township Conference Hall and are divided into 10 sub-committees, this meeting comes to assess the work that has done during the previous phase and to identify the negatives and work to avoid it and enhance the positive aspects to achieve the desired progress during the coming stages.

The meeting began by a minute of silence upon the souls of the martyrs followed by a speech by the joint president of Hasakah province, “Abdul Ghani Oso,” in which he spoke about the political situation in the Syrian North and the developments that took place during the last period, both internationally and locally, and “Oso” pointed to the goals of some countries Primarily Turkey, Aimed at destabilizing the region through its support of extremist organizations and therefore to achieve colonial gains at the expense of the Syrian people.

Members read the reports on the projects that were completed or are in progress, and discussed the living conditions of the people, especially after the agricultural losses incurred during the past season and discuss the ways to help them and provide employment opportunities, in conclusion, members agreed on the need to intensify efforts and develop a new working mechanism to ensure that all objectives were achieved as soon as possible.

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