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A flash about Tel Hagar neighborhood

Hasakah- Hasakah province is a refuge for the coexistence of all peoples and sects. The community, which is characterized by its diversity of life, formed a homogeneous panel of colors, and the hill of stone, one of those neighborhoods in which all components live. It was founded from the Christian and Armenian components 65 years ago. The other to live together with Christians and Armenians.

The neighborhood is located on the north side of province center, the main garage, centers for the service of passengers and buses and central ovens are located in the distract.

As for the naming of the neighborhood by this name, there is nothing fixed, as there are many stories between the stone nature of the neighborhood and the stone piles that were put by its first inhabitants after they cleaned the agricultural land.

There are a lot of intellectuals, merchants, doctors and craftsmen and manual workers, and is considered a densely populated place because the neighborhood lives on a high plateau overlooking the rest of the neighborhoods.

It is worth to mention that since the beginning of the revolution in the Syrian north, the neighborhood has offered a number of martyrs and military and political leaders, Tal Hajar is still in the forefront of the list of revolutionaries and martyrs.


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