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Campaign in Tabqa, meeting in Raqqa for “anti-violence against women”

 Women’s Council in Tabqa city began a campaign “No to violence against women, our freedom of dignity” as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, which will be on 25 November each year.

brochures of this occasion were distributed by the Women’s Council to the women of the city and workers in the institutions of the civil administration in Tabqa.

The aim of the leaflets is to raise women’s awareness about their rights and their active and pioneering role within their communities.

In a related context, the “Women’s Committee” in Raqqa city, held an extensive meeting in the center of Raqqa Civil Council to discuss the phenomenon of violence against women by society, and the ways to combat it.

The meeting was attended by dozens of workers within the councils and civil administration institutions.

Violence against women is a crime and its perpetrators must be punished according to international laws and customs. The percentage of women who have suffered physical and sexual assault is 70% of all women around the world.

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