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Center AL-Tabqa” the first commercial project in the city

Tabqa – Civil Administration launched the first-class project in the Syrian north, in cooperation with the North Construction and Reconstruction Company in the name of “Center AL-Tabqa”

“Adeeb Mohammed Al Hussein” Engineer in charge of the project tells us: The project began on 1/8/2018, in order to help the people in Tabqa city of low-income who pay for the owners of shops high fees.

“Al Hussein”: Center is two floors and a hall, and the number of shops / 84 / stores, are all kinds of clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories, mobile phones, electronic and electrical devices, exchange offices and remittances, In addition to a restaurants and cafeterias /6/, kiosks /7 / emergency exits, a public park and outdoor pools, and a car garage for shop owners.

“Al Hussein,” said:”The profits that will be return from the project will be invested in other projects in the city and secure jobs.

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