HomenewsCivil Court reopens

Civil Court reopens

Raqqa- After the rehabilitation and restoration of the “Civil Court” in Raqqa city, to open its doors to the oppressed and owners of rights and complaints, which was opened in the presence of representatives of the Councils and departments of Raqqa Civil Council and tribal leaders and officials of institutions and a large number of people.

the inauguration ceremony began by a minute of silence upon the souls of the martyrs, and then the joint presidency of Raqqa Civil Council, “Layla Mustafa delivered a speech,” welcomed the big step of the Social Justice Committee and confirmed that justice will be restored to raise its slogan Raqqa city again , It also thanked the officials and the staff of the Court for their efforts Which they made before the opening of their court.

Member of the Social Justice Council in Raqqa, Fahd Al-Birm, spoke about social justice and stressed that the selection of the members of the “Court of Justice” was carried out through democratic elections, which form the basic approach of pluralistic democratic Syriaز

 He added that they will bear the greatest burden in solving the problems of people and the return of oppressed to their owners and return all rights to their owners, and will work to deter the injustice in accordance with the laws and legislation are provided.

 In conclusion, the opening ribbon was cut by the Martyrs ‘Families Foundation and The attendees promised the Martyrs to maintain the gains for which they fought.

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