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 Department of Women in Tabqa issued a statement to reduce violence against women

Tabqa – The series of violence in all its forms against women continues to its peak in the 21st century, and hardly a day goes by without a woman being killed, raped or beaten.

This violence, which dates back nearly seven thousand years, reached the peak in the Middle East, which formed the cradle of the Mother Gods.

While many calls for women’s freedom in theory, we see repeated crimes against women in all parts of the world, especially in the Middle East.

At the beginning of this month, the young woman Sabreen was killed in Al-Salhibiya village, and a few days later, another young woman was killed in Jarbals under the pretext of so-called dishonor. The Iranian regime is preparing to execute the “Sharara Aliyasi””the masculine regimes continues to suppress all calls for freedom.

The statement read by “Zahra Hamada” on behalf of the Department of the Council of Women in Tabqa, and the statement:

We are in the management of the council of women in Tabqa and all women in Tabqa. We emphasize that the targeting of women is not a physical goal; it is a targeting of the democratic system that revolves around women, because masculine regimes are concerned about the woman’s will and view her as a threat to their existence.

From here from Tabqa, we condemn all the crimes committed against women and call on all women in the north-east of Syria and the world to move against these systematic crimes to end the persistence of masculine regimes in their repressive practices.

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