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“New Horizons” provides psychosocial support for “thalassemia” patients

” “New Horizons” Organization directed its activities towards the “Center of Thalassemia” in  Raqqa city, in an effort to relieve children who have suffered from this disease, and open a center for them to receive patients of small age groups.

Director of the Center in the “New Horizons” “Manal Al-Issa” confirmed that their mission is to provide all supplies to children such as games and entertainment programs, which included the theater “through a cinema screen” in addition to drawing and coloring and singing to develop the talents of child in the time that the child spent during a treatment.

Al-Issa added that children who suffer from Thalassemia go to blood transfusions centers  monthly, as well as take daily medication to remove excess iron in their body, where they sit for long hours either while waiting for their roles in treatment or during treatment, that increases their suffering Psychologically and emotionally as well as their families, and they have a feeling that they are not normal people, which leads them to not accept social life, including education and just stay at home.

 The goal of “New Horizons” is to train and qualify a cadre of  Blood Transfusion Center staff on how to provide psychosocial support to those children in order to ensure the continuation of psychosocial support after the end of the project and to introduce joy and happiness to the hearts of children and draw the smile on their lips and provide psychosocial support for them and make them Accept their reality and coexist with their illness.


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