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People Municipality qualified AL-Saa roundabout

Raqqa – People’s Municipality in Raqqa city in coordination with the House of Culture and Art of Raqqa Civil Council, rehabilitated AL-Saa roundabout of the damages that caused by the battles that took place during the liberation of Raqqa city from Daesh Terrorists, AL-Saa roundabout is considered one of the most important landmarks of Raqqa city.

 The joint head of the technical services office, “Mohammed Bakri,” confirmed that the work of restoration includes insulation and installation of ceramics and lighting and installation of marble, pointing out that the restoration works will end within days.

Technical Office has completed the rehabilitation of Silo roundabout, Al Dala roundabout and AL-Foursia roundabout, and the infrastructure of the city will be rehabilitated to restore the cultural and civilized character of the city again, according to Mohammed Bakri.


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