HomedialogueProject of Rehabilitation for Basic Services in Raqqa

Project of Rehabilitation for Basic Services in Raqqa

Raqqa – Jamil Al-Rashed, Director of the Rehabilitation of Basic Services Project for Future Makers organization, spoke to Media Center of SDF, that they had choose the work area and propose their mission to Raqqa civil council, and they are going to start these missions:

  • Relocation of rubble.
  • Rehabilitation of drinking water networks
  • Rehabilitation of electricity networks from cables ,the pillars and New installation
  • Rehabilitation sewage network.

For the rubble project, Al-Rashed said: “The rubble of destroyed buildings till 20/10/2018 departed about 43,000   which were deported by 95% and transferred to private dumps” between the two bridges, sahlat albanat, youth housing “, As for the water networks project, Al-Rashed pointed out that the team has extended the length of 2500 m pipes from various diameters, in addition to supporting and maintaining the fractions, replacing the used lines, maintaining the vertical pumps, replacing the coil of electric motors of  60 hp vertical pump and replacing the coil of   electric motor of  250 hp vertical pump. The project works to meet and maintain emergency fractures and to meet citizens’ complaints.

Al-Rashed explained that a voluntary work was set up by the team to open the sewage drainage in front of the children’s hospital, which is 120 cm in diameter, in order to avoid drowning Al-Dera’iya neighborhood and the Intifada area with sewage water. Currently, we are working to prepare AL-Fursia and panorama road in addition to installing Asphalt points in preparation for paving the streets, As for the electricity rehabilitation project, Al-Rashed said: 67 centers were rehabilitated with 8 electrical transformers after the census and the other section was burned and stolen by terrorist Daesh organization. At present, the team is working on tightening cables in Al-Tayyar district, while working on a statistical procedure to know the network’s requirements, all in coordination with the Directorate of Electrical Power, Al-Rashed concluded that the purpose of the project is to strengthen the stability process in the city in preparation for the transition from destruction to reconstruction.

SDF. Media Center

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