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Rehabilitation of Garniya’s Crossings Preparedness Of Floods

Tabqa-Civil Administration plans in coordination with the Municipalities Committee in the area of Jarniya ​​, to rehabilitate the crossings and bridges that were damaged as a result of the military operations during the period when “Daesh” terrorists controlled the city.

Hamad Al-Ahmad, the joint head of the People’s Municipality in Jarniya, pointed out that they will begin to rehabilitate the crossings in Jarniya town after conducting an extensive study and calculating the damage inflicted on the people of the area.

These crossings are the only way in the region that are linking Tabqa city and Jarniya town with the surrounding villages and the only drain of flood water during the rainy season.

During the rainy season, the people of the area suffer from the erosion of the soil and the flooding of some houses and agricultural land with flood water, which requires the need to accelerate of rehabilitation and put these crossings in force.




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