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The first league of chess tournament in Tabqa city

Tabqa – The youth of Tabqa organized the first league of chess tournament at the center of the Martyr Hani Al-Ulais of the Youth League under the motto “the sound mind in the healthy body.”

The course bore the name of the martyr “Abdul Karim Tabqa”, and was attended by the representatives of civil administration in Tabqa and a number of athletes and the people of the city.

/ 40 / participants Participated in the league, in the three categories of young men and women.

“We organized the event to revive the sport of chess in the city and activate it, where the performance of the participants in the league is evaluated and the winners were given prizes to encourage them to develop their abilities to participate in foreign championships. In the coming days, such as basketball and racketing, are all part of the efforts made by the youth of Tabqa to advance the sport for the better, Hasan AL-Ahmed a member of sports federation of the Youth of Tabqa said.

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