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Water Pumps Of Al-Buasi resume working

Tabqa – after suffering  people of the villages of Buwasi and al- jaradat, which lasted more than two months because of the faults that occurred on the pump, which caused suffering to the people of the region, this pump provides more than (6) thousand inhabitants of the villages with drinking water, the pump is not enough to meet the need of drinking water. The area is divided into seven sectors where the water is transferred every day to a sector. The pump operates at full capacity on a daily basis.

This faults in the pump until the rural follow-up unit in the water unit of Tabqa repaired the current pump as a temporary solution,  the water will return to the people, and then equipped a new pump with a capacity doubling able to meet the need of the people of water, to reach the water on a daily basis and without discontinuity, “Mahmoud Al-Hamada,” the head of the rural department in the water unit of Tabqa said: After the installation of the new pump by the maintenance unit, an emergency technical failure happened necessitated to change of one of the pieces and will be replaced in the near future and water will return to the people of Al-Buasi and Al- jaradat, villages.

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