HomemanshetA massive meeting with Sheiks and tribal leaders of Euphrates District

A massive meeting with Sheiks and tribal leaders of Euphrates District

Al-Raqqa_Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) organized a massive meeting for Sheiks and tribal leaders in Euphrates district titled by the motto: “hand by hand to roll back the Turkish terrorism from Syria”, however, hundreds of people came to the meeting from different areas of North and east of Syria.

The meeting started with standing a silent minute appreciating the martyrs souls, then it was followed with many speeches, one of them made by the co-chair of SDC where she emphasized the unity and harmony among all the tribes and Syrian components to stand against the enemies of Democracy and made sure about the unity between the civil and military powers.

However, she pointed that Turkey via its threatening is refreshing the terrorism again in north of Syria, she clarified to the attendees, that during her visit to France, France will continue supporting SDF and its political administration, where the remaining of ISIS is threatening the national security of France.

Al-Ahmad replied on all the attendees’ questions including Sheiks and notable people about the political situation in general.

The sheiks and tribal leaders assured their supporting attitudes to the unity against any violation.

Sheik Fawaz Al-Beik, one of Sabkha sheiks mentioned the importance of the unity among tribes and military forces and that they are ready to resist any violation.

Al-Beik said: “We want peace not war, this is our message, we all are human being, God deployed us for fraternity, he didn’t differentiate between us, he mentioned in his holly Quran: ( we blessed human being,  we board him on the ground and see), however, all should recognize the humanity, we all are blessed we must live in peace not enmity”.

The meeting was concluded with united attitude, not accepting the Turkish violation, maintaining the national unity and considering the Turkish attack as occupation on the humanity borders.

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