HomemanshetOutcome of Engagements in the Battle to “defeat terrorism”

Outcome of Engagements in the Battle to “defeat terrorism”

1- Baguoz axis: Terrorists bombed the positions of our fighters with heavy and light weapons, then tried to launch a major attack, and our fighters confronted them, and violent engagements broke out, during which a number of terrorists were killed and others wounded, while our fighters seized quantities of weapons and ammunition, including a car bomb, was prepared for the bombing.

In the afternoon, this axis witnessed the most intense engagements ever. Terrorists used all types of heavy and light weapons and snipers, but our fighters resisted them and killed and wounded a number of them, forcing the rest to retreat and flee from the battlefield.

Military engineering units have begun to remove and dismantle the mines that laid by terrorists in the area.

In the early hours of the evening, our fighters launched an attack on terrorist positions, killing a number of them, and advancing a distance of 1 km on this axis. They managed to install 17 points while the terrorists fled. Our fighters also seized another car bomb, which was equipped to explode.

Our fighters continued to advance on this axis and were able to install 23 points, despite the bad weather and heavy darkness.

On the other side, the terrorists attacked the points and positions of our forces. Our forces responded with a good will. The engagements lasted more than 4 hours. Several terrorists were killed and others were injured. Our fighters were able to detonate a car bomb. before reaching their positions. Terrorists bombarded our ASPG missile points but caused little damage.

The terrorists tried to regroup; in preparation for a third attack, but our fighters alerted them, our forces launched a fierce attack on terrorists’ positions and fortifications, and due to that strong engagements broke out. The terrorists resorted to the use of all types of weapons, light and heavy, but our fighters inflicted heavy losses on them. Dozens of them were wounded, while the others fled. After a relatively short period, terrorists began to bombard our positions with mortars and artillery. While our engineering units dismantled several mines in the area.

On the other fronts, there were continuous engagements, in which terrorists used heavy and light weapons as well as mortar and rocket attacks, but our fighters responded to all attack, there are killed and wounded in their ranks, amid the International Air Force launched several air strikes on the terrorists’ sites.

  2-Hajian axis: This axis also witnessed in the morning violent engagements between our fighters and” Daesh” terrorists, , the terrorists launched an attack on the positions of our fighters in this axis, in which dozens of terrorists were killed and others wounded, and the terrorists did not withstand in front of our fighters and they Fled, left their dead and weapons behind them, fighters seized  on military equipment, and managed to advance in the region and were able to install 35 points. While the International Alliance air jets carried out several air strikes, targeting terrorists’ sites and points.

The terrorist organization re-attack our fighters’ points by using all kinds of weapons, light and heavy, with great resistance from our fighters, killing and injuring dozens of terrorists while our forces advancing 2 km away. They managed to liberate 3126 civilians who were surrounded by the terrorist organization and used as human shields and brought them to liberated and safe areas.

In the engagements, a number of our fighters were wounded and taken to the field hospitals for treatment.

This axis was witnessing continuous engagements, interspersed with artillery shelling until the preparing of this outcome.

3- The final outcome of Engagements:

– A number of terrorists killed: /121 / Terrorist.

– Terrorist losses: the destruction of 44 sites and a gathering of terrorists

 -Destruction of aDushka weapons number 1

– 7 military roads used by terrorists were cut off, and destroying a car bomb number1

– Weapons seized by our fighters: Kalashnikov Weapon No. 3

 -Weapon / Espino/ Number 1

– Car bomb number / 2 /.

– A number of strikes by the international coalition:/ 50 / strike.

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15 December 2018

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