HomemanshetOutcome of Engagements in the battle to “defeat terrorism”

Outcome of Engagements in the battle to “defeat terrorism”

1-Bagouz axis: This front witnessed in the morning violent engagements between our fighters and members of the terrorist organization, where terrorists used heavy weapons to target our force’s points and positions, and the engagements lasted for several hours, our fighters finally inflict heavy losses among the terrorists, and due to that Dozens of them were killed and wounded.

The terrorists once again attempted to launch another attack on our fighters’ points, but it was also dealt with and thwarted.

In the evening, our forces launched an attack on the positions of the terrorist organization. They advanced approximately /2/kilometres. They were able to install 29 new points after heavy engagements with the terrorists and caused them heavy casualties. Our fighters also seized weapons, ammunition and military equipment.

On another side of this axis, our fighters launched an attack on the terrorists’ points, advanced and were able to install 6 more points, amid violent engagements with terrorists and raids by the International coalition air jets.

2- Hajain axis: Terrorists attacked the front positions of our forces, and our fighters confronted them, and due to that violent engagements broke out, a number of terrorists were killed, and the terrorists then used the distant shelling, where they bombed our positions with mortars and artillery but did not cause any damage.

A number of our fighters were also wounded and taken to the field hospital for treatment.

This axis was witnessing intermittent engagements until the preparation of this outcome.

3- The final outcome of Engagements:

– A number of terrorist deaths: /71 / Terrorist.

– Weapons and equipment seized by our fighters: grenades number / 6 /.

– (RPG) Fillings number / 5 /.

– (BKC) bullets one packet.

– Terrorist losses: the destruction of terrorist attack sites number/ 44/.

– The destruction of the location of a sniper number / 1/

– the destruction of a car number / 1 /.

– A number of International coalition air jets strikes /50 / strike.

Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces

16 December 2018

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